What We Treat

We specialize in treating the following conditions

Characterized by difficulty staying focused and paying attention, difficulty controlling behavior, and hyperactivity.

Characterized by chronic and excessive worrying about many aspects of life that feels uncontrollable.

Characterized by persistent and often disturbing obsessive thoughts that are often accompanied by a compulsive behavior to reduce intense levels of anxiety and fears— even if the fears seem unrealistic or illogical.

Characterized by a series of symptoms (such as avoidance of certain situations/places/people, hypervigilence) that occur following exposure to a traumatic event.

Characterized by extreme fear and anxiety when in social situations (or even thinking about being in social situations) because of fears of rejection, ridicule, judgment from others, or feelings of inadequacy. Can lead to avoidance of situations where interacting with others would occur.

Characterized by experiencing panic attacks, or intense fear having another panic attack. The person experiencing the panic attack often fears the sensation of losing control as they feel they may be physically dying or would not be able to get help, or are worried about the embarrassment associated with having a panic attack in public.

Characterized by intense sadness, lack of pleasure in activities, feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness, suicidal thoughts, changes in sleep and eating patterns, difficulty concentrating, fatigue and an overwhelming lack of energy. There is a range of severity, from a low grade but nearly daily depression for years (Dysthymic Disorder), to a more intense and debilitating depression that affects your ability to function (Major Depression).

Characterized by cycling mood states, ranging from severe highs (mania) to severe lows (depression). During these episodes people may do things that can negatively impact their life or get them in trouble or harm their relationships,     and are out often character for that person.

Characterized by a pattern of using alcohol, prescription drugs, or illegal drugs that makes it difficult to stop using the substance, or even reducing the use, and significantly causes impairments or problems in a person's life.

Characterized by difficulty understanding the difference between what is real and what is not, difficulty thinking clearly and logically, experiencing thoughts that are strange or bizarre, experiencing auditory or visual hallucinations, difficulty experiencing normal emotions or engaging normally in social situations.

Capstone Psychological Services also treats a wide range of problems and topics, such as Body Dysmorphic Disorder, Health Anxieties, Anger Management, Mood Regulation, Academic Problems, Couples Therapy, and much more...